Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting to Know You

Since this is our class blog and I'm somewhat in charge, that means I get to post what I deem worthy. With that being said I have decided it is important that we reacquaint ourselves with ourselves. (I'm sure those with a degree in English are grimacing but it works for me so the best I can offer you is, Oh Well.)

I would like to to profile each and everyone of you on this blog. So hopefully you will all be so kind to share. You can tell us what you have been up to, send pictures of your family or just give us an update on your life. Please keep in mind if you don't participate I will look under every rock, in every nook and cranny, to find something interesting about you. So Please send me information that you would like to have posted. You may email me at

Remember I am very tenacious so if you don't send anything then I will have to do my own investigation on each of you. (Just kidding, or am I?)