Friday, December 26, 2008

Sid Lawrence Stabbed

Sid Lawrence is recovering at home in Tooele from multiple stab wounds following an apparent random murder attempt in a church rest room near the end of Trudie's company Christmas Party on December 13, 2008.

Police have no suspects or motive; however, Sid was able to help them produce a drawing of the attacker. He described a Hispanic male in his 20's about 5'8" to 5'10", with a round face, a mole on his right cheek, brown eyes and crew cut hair.

The attack started in a restroom at St. Marquerite's Catholic Church, following a Christmas Party held by Mountain West Medical Center. While in the restroom he was hit in the back by the man who apparently had been sitting in a stall, waiting for anyone he could turn into his victim.

The assailant put his hand over Sid's mouth so he couldn't scream pulling him away from the urinal and stabbed him twice. Sid said, "I didn't know what happened at the time I just felt the pain and went to the floor. I was on my back and he was straddling me, then he shanked me again, and when he pulled out the knife, that's when I saw it, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Then he came down and knifed me again and I realized then he was going to kill me. He tried to knife me again and I deflected it with my hand and it came down and strafed my neck. He came back to knife me again, so I put my hand up to block and he ran the knife right through my hand. I realized if I didn't grab the shank I was going to be dead, so I clutched the blade of the knife, as he tried to jerk it loose, back and forth, and he was cutting the heck out of my left hand, but I knew I couldn't let go. While we were struggling, I gored his eyes with my fingers and grabbed his testicles and squeezed as hard as I could while still holding on to his knife, that's when he jumped up off of me and ran out."

There were about 30 party-goers who still remained at the church who saw the man bolt through the gymnasium where the event was held, but responding police officers could not find him. Sid, bleeding heavily, staggered out of the bathroom calling for help and collapsed on the gym floor. Due to the weather they were unable to life-flight him out so he was taken to Mountain West Hospital by ambulance.

Sid was extremely lucky despite multiple deep wounds the knife somehow missed his spleen and kidney by a quarter of an inch.

Janet Price emailed me the article which was in his work's weekly newsletter. I have provided a Reader's Digest Version. If you would like a copy of the newsletter let me know and I will e-mail it out to you.